Frequently asked questions: 

PreWired VS 100% Plug In Ready

With the PreWired solution you use the provided pull lanyard to snake your existing twist grip sensor harness through the bars. There is a step by step video tutorial on our website. It easy and only takes about 10 minutes. With the 100% Plug In Ready version there is a factory Harley Davidson twist grip sensor and or harness fully installed and PreWired. Thus making them 100% Plug In Ready.

How to wire the bars 

We use a pull string, para cord typically, to install/pull through wires. We use compressed air to blow the string through the bars, you can also use a shop vac to suck the string through, making it much easier to get wires in the bars. Also we do not use electrical tape, extremely messy and sticky when used with lubrication, but we use heat shrink instead. Just a couple of things that may help you.

 Difference between 2014-2015 PreWired vs 100% Plug In Ready 

The difference between the 2014-2015 100% Plug in Ready vs PreWired is the factory harness. 2014-2015 100% Plug in Ready bars have all the internal wiring prewired plus the factory harness is ready to plug directly into your existing twist grip sensor and bike at the base. Prewired bars have all the internal wiring prewired and then you will pull your harness and use your existing twist grip sensor.

Do I need extensions?

We have had customers who have been successful using their stock lines. However Harley-Davidson would recommend extensions for anything over 12” and we lean with their recommendation.

Chrome built up: throttle too tight

Because we use the thickest chrome in the industry, the chrome can build up on the grip. In cases like this we recommend you knock off the excess with a small file. After doing so the throttle will operate perfectly.

How long to ship?

All of our bars are handcrafted to order in Orange County, CA. We average about 7-10 days to ship.


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