Dominating Daytona

Enter our Dominating Daytona Giveaway for your chance to win over $1,000 prizes from Lexin, Dominator and Cable Kits! Scan the QR code, enter your email and we'll go live to announce the winner 3/11/24 at 6pm PST.

Giveaway items include:

Lexin Bass Bucket Bluetooth Speaker (a value of $229)

Dominator Industries Handlebars (a value up to $699)

Cable Kits Complete Extension Kit (a value up to $399)

LEXIN Bassbucket Bluetooth Speaker

Groundbreaking sound 

With its sleek design and attention to detail, the Bassbucket not only looks like a badass helmet, but it delivers sound that'll make your heart race and your adrenaline pump.

Your choice of ANY available bar from Dominator Industries

Join the league and ride with the best, Dominator America's #1 Choice for bars!

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