PreWired 2008-2013 18" Big Daddy 1.5 Meathook Bagger/Touring Available Gloss Black

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With the Harley-Davidson Touring Baggers 2008-2013 , the ability to purchase prewired bars is typically extremely expensive. The wiring for your stock switches is actually hardwired into your controls and doesnt allow for the same solution that is available with the late model touring line. Based on this we were able to come up with a solution that is far less difficult and time consuming than snaking and extending your existing harnesses. You are able to utilize our prewired bars with your existing stock switches. We provide our bars prewired with the control wiring and pre-soldered/heat shrink connectors. You will simply cut your control wires, strip a small portion, place them into our pre-soldered/heat shrink connectors and shrink them. With this process we have done the hard work for you, leaving you with just the finishing touches. Thus virtually, making these bars 100% Plug In Ready. Finally a prewired solution for your 2008-2013 touring model that dont break the bank.

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