PreWired 10” Meathook Apes for 2011 and Newer Harley Sportster & Softail (Chrome)

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PreWired 10u201d Meathook Apes for 2011-2022 Harley Sportster & Softail


With the Harley-Davidson 2011-2022 Harley Softail and Sportster, the ability to purchase u201cprewiredu201d bars is typically expensive. The wiring for your stock switches is hardwired into your controls and doesnu2019t allow for the same solution that is available for the touring models.

We have designed a solution that is extremely simple and far less expensive. Allowing you to use our u201cPrewiredu201d bars with your existing switches and turn signals.

Our bars come with the control and turn signal extensions Pre-Wired along with self-solder/heat shrink connectors.

You simply cut your control and turn signal wires, strip a small portion of each, place them into our pre-soldered/heat shrink connectors and shrink them.

We have done the hard work for you, leaving only the finishing touches up to you! Really itu2019s just that simple! In addition itu2019s much more cost effective! The cost of your control and turn signal extensions (and TBW if needed) is well over $100.

With our Prewired solution you get fully extended harnesses. No additional extensions necessary! Also you will not have to look at the bulky extension connections that typically show when installing harness extensions on your bike. Finally an all in one, prewired solution for your softail or sportster that wonu2019t break the bank!