PreWired 18" Road King (Standard) 2014-2021 Meathook Monkey Apes Gloss Black

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PreWired Meathook Apes for you 2014-2021 Road King Standard!



What is it worth to have your project be as simple as possible? 

We feel it’s worth everything so we’ve gone ahead and done all of the hard work for you. Our bars are prewired with your switch wiring and set up with the ability to pull your existing twist grip sensor in literally under 10 minutes! Those of us who have swapped our bars know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that wiring the new bars can be a daunting task. Because of this we set out out to fix that and are able to provide you with a solution that virtually eliminates the headache....We were able to have our twist grip sensor pulled in under 10 minutes! All that’s is left is to swap your hydraulics and it’s done! We all know what the dealer charges to do this, or any experienced tech and we’re extremely confident that we can save you hundreds of dollars! Who doesn’t wanna save money?!



We offer a full line of  PreWired bars for 2014-2021 Harley Davidson Road King models.

They are manufactured start to finish in the greatest country in the world... THE UNITED STATE OF AMERICA!!!


Each bar component is CNC laser cut then cleaned and fully de-burred by hand.


Then every bar is hand assembled and placed into a precision drop fixture before being completely Tig Welded.


Every bar goes through a rigorous quality control process before being sent off to polish.


The bars are hand polished by the same vendor as Performance Machine as well as many other well known major brands.


After being fully polished the bars are sent to the very same vendors as Carlini, Performance Machine, Factory 47 & many others for the absolute best chrome and powder-coating in the industry! 


Our bars rival or beat the quality and craftsmanship of the aforementioned Carlini, Performance Machine, Factory 47 as well as West Coast T Bars or any other manufacturer in the business!





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